Sunday, February 5, 2012

sunday joy

seriously???  how can you NOT smile when you look at this is pure joy.  who ever knew that a camel could be so happy, and this little stinker baby....oh. my. goodness.  i just want to take those cheeks in my hand and smoosh them all over the place. 

i'm feeling quite similar today!  i am having a reiki session done this morning by Sona, my yoga teacher.  this is my first one.  i've been looking forward to it for so long.  i am really craving some balance these days, and i'm really excited to walk in with an open heart, and let the whole experience wash over me. 

i've also been staying at matt's mom's condo that looks over the lake.  this has been a true blessing and gift.  while i am so grateful that my parents have opened their house to me over the past year, i needed some time and space to just be present with myself, be quiet, and to have some space of my own to just breathe.  the setting is perfectly me.  quiet and calm with it's lovely view over the lake and the bay.  i snapped this photo last night of the sunset.  just makes you want to take a deep breath and take it all in.

my other source of joy, is that in just a very short 4 days....i will be driving to pittsburgh to sleep at heather's, to wake up early to drive to the airport, to fly to NYC, to meet our littler sister rachael, to spend the weekend eating, shopping, and having some much needed sister time watching fashions (because it's fashion week there!) and enjoying the beauty of that magnificent city.  phew!!!!  i cannot wait!!!!  i sorta wish we would have all taken off monday so that we'd have an extra day there......but i guess we'll just have to plan another trip (oh darn...)  i'm so excited about it that i want to just jump up and down and, most likely, look just like that child in the photo with the camel!!

so there you have it.....JOY....on so many levels.  pure joy!

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  1. love that picture!
    have you seen the documentary Babies?
    full of gems like that :)