Thursday, September 29, 2011

the funny thing about time

It's finally here.  This time next week i will be sitting and my sisters house, probably just getting back from a delicious dinner, too excited to go to bed.  I feel like it's taken forever to get here...but my trip to see Matt is just a week away.  Ugh thank goodness.....I feel like I have been counting down forever! 

I always thought of "time" as something of a crazy mystery.  You never seem to have enough of's always never feel like waiting for things to happen...sometimes other things seem to take forever.  How is this "time" thing so much of a troublmaker in my life?

And from October 7th to the 10th, when I am back in Vegas visiting Matt, it's going to mess with me again.  As looooong as i have waited to see him, some of the days have just gone by so slowly.  And during my 3 day visit, i just know time will fly by quicker than i want it to.

Why can't the days that i wait and wait in anticipation fly by the way they will when i am there, trying to drink in every moment with him?

Ugh darn you Mr. Time!!! 

What i DO know is that i am going there with zero expectations and i am just going to enjoy every single minute i get to spend with him.  Living so far apart is hard enough, the last thing i want to do is WASTE my time thinking about what i expected my trip to be like.  I want to take a walk with him, maybe have a nice meal or two, enjoy quiet time together, have a cold beer with him, and just take in every detail of him to hold me over until Thanksgiving.  Time will not get to me during those days.....i do know that....because i will not let it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today was a beautiful day....the sun was out, the sky was blue, there were big fluffy soft clouds in the sky, my students behaved themselves today, i had a GREAT yoga class, and I get to see my Matt in just a very very short 10 days!!!  So i thought i'd leave you with some sunbeam love today!

Enjoy :)

Oh and this little bacon stealing cute that i was to just smoosh her little face in!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Momma's got a brand new bag!!!!


thanks to my little ol' town of Erie, PA.....they still has some stuff on the racks in my size!  Not much....but I did get the skirt i liked!  I seorusly didn't think that anyone in Erie would know who or what Missoni was, but they did....and it was pretty picked over...but i guess i had a little lucky star watching out for me today!! 

I got this skirt-----

and this GREAT tote bag for school

and momma REALLY wants these too but they didn't have any in my size

Obviously, I know they are all the same print and even though i am no fashionista, I know not to wear them all together....don't worry folks!

Wheeeeee wheeeeee wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  I am so excited!

Monday, September 12, 2011


When I saw this blog post on Bakerella I seriously almost licked my computer screen....ok, So i might have licked it just a little bit....but I had to force myself not to bite it.  Hope you enjoy as much as I do.  When the new oven comes.....these will be the first things sho!!!

This is one of the awesomest baking blogs I have ever ever.....hope you check it out and indulge a bit!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

irreplaceable bond and gratitude

Well today proves that i pretty much hate living apart from my sisters.  With my emotions running high at full speed, i just need them. 

Thank goodness that my sister Heather was willing to listen to me sob the entire drive to work today...because that's just what i did. I guess there is just that comfort of knowing they're on the other side of the phone line just sitti ng there while you sniffle away over pretty much nothing.  I don't really know many people in life who would let me do this....let alone at 8am. 

The funny thing is, I wasn't looking for advice or some new direction to look in...i  just needed her to sit there with the phone up to her ear and listen while i cried and sniffled, and cried some more.  Then i took a deep breath and put my big girl pants on and walked into work and tried to hold it togehter.....because let's face it....a 30 year old can't cry in from of her little 3 to 6 year old students. 

So instead of sulking in my hormonal, emotional woes....I am going to try to list some things I am grateful for today.....

1.  First and formost, for my sisters for their never ending, support that they give me.....even when i feel like i use up all of their support way more than they use up mine.  I don't know what i'd do without them and today, i am just so gratious for their irreplaceable love for me.

2. yoga....just when you think everything is too crazy to handle....i find my zen

3.  Skype...because Matt called today to tell me that he wanted to Skype me.  And i needed this.  Oh how i needed this.  I actually hugged the computer screen because it felt like he was right there with me...right in front of close enough to touch and hold.  Thank goodness I get to see him in a could weeks.  I sure do love him.

Monday, September 5, 2011

I need a little inspiration

I found some pictures courtesy of we <3 it and just looking at them makes my heart go pitter patter.....please enjoy a few of my inspirations!

I feel like this is the most perfect breakfast teacup ever....this cup alone would make me want to get out of bed in the morning

life IS good and as much as i find myself sulking in missing matt so much....i must say, life really is good. I mean the boy did go out and buy a webcam so i could see him on my birthday! ( sweet)

oh yes please.....don't bother slicing it, i'll just take the whole pie plus a fork!

Goodnight all!!  Busy day in kindergarten tomorrow!