Friday, February 17, 2012

day 3

i have been practicing yoga for about a year now.  honestly, i don't know how i really ever survived without it.  throughout the past year, i have really noticed a big change in myself, my mindfullness, and my ability to breathe in situations i wouldn't have been able to otherwise. now, i am not claiming that i don't have the occasional meltdown, but in the every day craziness that creeps in, i handle things SO much differently.  i have learned to breathe.  to take a step back and close my eyes and breathe for 30 seconds.  it's a good good thing.

i try my hardest to practice 3 times a week.  but sometimes, i miss and don't have the chance for one reason of another.  i feel bad when i miss a class.  i feel like i've missed out on time to spend on myself, on my body, and on my mindfulness.  so when i came across this 30 days of yoga challenge on laura's blog, i made sure to commit myself.  if practicing yoga 3 times a week has improved my soul....just think what 30 days of yoga can do for me!  i've been longing to make it a part of my everyday life for some time, and was thrilled that this opportunity came falling right into my lap.

There have been some wonderful women who have joined in and i love the encouragement we're giving each other.  jump over to laura's blog to check out how to sign up and find the group on facebook. 

my day three was definitely my best.  i was so focused, and peaceful, and mindful of my intentions for my practice.  i have never felt better and i am so happy to be starting off my weekend this way.  i am also getting up bright and early to make it to the 7:30 class tomorrow.  i have never practiced in the morning so i am very much looking forward to it. 

namaste everyone!!

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