Thursday, February 9, 2012

dear nyc....get ready, here we come

and this is where it will all go down!  headed to pittsburgh today....headed to nyc tomorrow.....meeting up with my two sisters for some much much anticipated sister quality time. 

it is so refreshing to spend time with them.  the three of us couldn't be more different, but they just get me.  i get them.  we accept either other's views, we support each other's decisions.  sometimes we are brutally honest with each other.  other times, they are soothing at the exact times i need.  they hurt when i am hurting, they're strong for me when i don't have strength of my own. 

this has been a very long, draining, testing, and exhausting week for me in my personal life.  the past few months have been this way.  they give me space when i need it, and they give me all of themselves when i need them most. 

i often find myself feeling guilty for this.  especially in the last 5 months.  i feel like i have been taking and taking and taking their offerings to me.....and i feel like i don't reciprocate enough.  i have felt like this little lost puppy who constantly needs reassuring, strength, support, and their constant advice and motivation.  it's hard for me to sit back and think of a time when i have been there for them.  it's been just all about me since october and when have i given all of myself to them?   have i been so blinded by my circumstances that i have been completely absent to their needs?  i think this will be an intention i will explore from now on.  am i present enough for them? or am i so selfishly consumed with my own thoughts that i have left their needs in the dust?

the best thing about them is that if i have done this......they will not even blink an eye about it.  they have already forgiven me, they probably weren't even upset in the first place.  and it's because of that, that i adore and love them from the very top of my head to the very tips of my toes. 


  1. Dear NYC, my cankles and I can't wait to see you. xoxo

  2. you guys all look so beautiful!