Tuesday, January 24, 2012

thoughts in my head

the last photo is something that i truly try to tell myself every day.  i think that even at age 30, i have so much to learn, so much to accept of myself, and honestly, so much more work to do.  i guess that i felt that by the time i reached this age....that i'd have it all figured out.  boy was i ever wrong. 

i think that this is a time when i am actually finding myself.  i am more confident to pursue the things that interest me.  i am stronger about branching out and doing things on my own.  i am more comfortable spending time alone, and i actually long for it.  as i am growing, i need more and more quiet time.  time to reflect.  time to accept.  time to think.   time to just be. 

lately, i have really wanted to just get away and spend some time alone.  i was trying to do some searching on places where i could go away for a weekend all alone and just focus on myself.  maybe get a massage, lay in a big comfy bed reading a book, veg out, take a hot bath, and just be quiet.  the thought of taking time like that to myself almost brings me to tears.  i think it would totally rejuvinate my soul and my mind.  hopefully i will find a place very soon.  because i am certainly on the lookout.


  1. I thought exactly as you did... I thought at 30 I would have everything sorted. You know what, in your twenties you explore what other people want you to and get easily influenced. The 30's are the best for letting all that go and exploring your own world. I turned 35 this week and have had a ball this year doing what I want to do and going where I want to go.... for the first time ever! Loving it! I've found there suddenly aren't enough hours in the day! Your blog is great, and insprirational.

  2. i came across this site looking for a definition of quiet courage. i love this! i'm 65 and am just beginning to learn things. actually, i suspect i would continue to "just begin" as i go along. i have a saying and it's called, "i'll never grow up, become more mature yes, but grow up? NEVER!" life is just too grand, and such an easel of learning.