Monday, January 2, 2012

happy new year

i say bring it on 2012!!  2011 was full of beautiful, wonderful, stressful, happy, sad, and irreplaceable moments.  i have learned a ton and i feel like my life has changed so so much.  no matter if they were moments that made me smile or moments that had me in tears, this year has shaped my life and i feel that i am a better person because of it.

i worked hard in school, i fell head over heels in love, i wasn't scared to lean on family for help when i needed it, and i have learned many real and true things about myself.  i have become a strong person.  i have made friendships stronger, and i have learned to stand up for myself. 

in 2012 i am trying to let go of old expectations of myself and to try to embrace who i am from day to day.  i want to appreciate more of the simple things in life, and to just let go.

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