Tuesday, September 6, 2011

irreplaceable bond and gratitude

Well today proves that i pretty much hate living apart from my sisters.  With my emotions running high at full speed, i just need them. 

Thank goodness that my sister Heather was willing to listen to me sob the entire drive to work today...because that's just what i did. I guess there is just that comfort of knowing they're on the other side of the phone line just sitti ng there while you sniffle away over pretty much nothing.  I don't really know many people in life who would let me do this....let alone at 8am. 

The funny thing is, I wasn't looking for advice or some new direction to look in...i  just needed her to sit there with the phone up to her ear and listen while i cried and sniffled, and cried some more.  Then i took a deep breath and put my big girl pants on and walked into work and tried to hold it togehter.....because let's face it....a 30 year old can't cry in from of her little 3 to 6 year old students. 

So instead of sulking in my hormonal, emotional woes....I am going to try to list some things I am grateful for today.....

1.  First and formost, for my sisters for their never ending, support that they give me.....even when i feel like i use up all of their support way more than they use up mine.  I don't know what i'd do without them and today, i am just so gratious for their irreplaceable love for me.

2. yoga....just when you think everything is too crazy to handle....i find my zen

3.  Skype...because Matt called today to tell me that he wanted to Skype me.  And i needed this.  Oh how i needed this.  I actually hugged the computer screen because it felt like he was right there with me...right in front of me....so close enough to touch and hold.  Thank goodness I get to see him in a could weeks.  I sure do love him.

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