Thursday, September 29, 2011

the funny thing about time

It's finally here.  This time next week i will be sitting and my sisters house, probably just getting back from a delicious dinner, too excited to go to bed.  I feel like it's taken forever to get here...but my trip to see Matt is just a week away.  Ugh thank goodness.....I feel like I have been counting down forever! 

I always thought of "time" as something of a crazy mystery.  You never seem to have enough of's always never feel like waiting for things to happen...sometimes other things seem to take forever.  How is this "time" thing so much of a troublmaker in my life?

And from October 7th to the 10th, when I am back in Vegas visiting Matt, it's going to mess with me again.  As looooong as i have waited to see him, some of the days have just gone by so slowly.  And during my 3 day visit, i just know time will fly by quicker than i want it to.

Why can't the days that i wait and wait in anticipation fly by the way they will when i am there, trying to drink in every moment with him?

Ugh darn you Mr. Time!!! 

What i DO know is that i am going there with zero expectations and i am just going to enjoy every single minute i get to spend with him.  Living so far apart is hard enough, the last thing i want to do is WASTE my time thinking about what i expected my trip to be like.  I want to take a walk with him, maybe have a nice meal or two, enjoy quiet time together, have a cold beer with him, and just take in every detail of him to hold me over until Thanksgiving.  Time will not get to me during those days.....i do know that....because i will not let it!

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