Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you Bob Marley

Today I woke up really emotional.  It's my last day here.  Matt got up early to run a couple errands, and I am here watching the news and having normal morning routine, but a bit more heavy hearted today. 

Tomorrow is just going to suck.  I know I have so much to look forward to when I return home.  The start of new classes, the beginning of a new job, returning to yoga, and obviously still having all of my family and friends there.  It's just going to feel like a piece of me is missing. 

I am scared of what everyone says about long distance relationships.  We've all heard it before.....but a part of me feels so confident that we'll be the exception to the rule.  We're older now, we're not young kids, and i feel like we have such a solid relationship when it comes to communication.  I'm trying to remind myself that each time i start to get choked up.  (which is about every 3 minutes)

Last night Matt and I went to watch the Bellagio fountains on the strip.  On our way home we heard Bob Marley's song "Three Little Birds".  It was so appropriate at that moment.  I think I'm going to make this my personal mantra to help get me through the weeks until I see Matt again.

In the car, I grabbed Matt's hand, and sang it loudly with little tears rolling down my cheeks.  It's going to be so hard being away from Matt, but I'll be strong.  I'm allowed to cry for a couple days, but then I have to pick up and can't forget to enjoy my life....a bit more independently.  I'm ok with that. 

Don't worry, about a thing....cause every little gonna be alright.....Thanks Mr. Marley.  I'm gonna need this!

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