Wednesday, August 10, 2011

body rhythms

Matt is so brave.  For everything that he has been through, it is astounding to me how brave he is.  He is so excited to go back to school and teach again.  His passion can be seen while he talks about it. 

This morning and afternoon, we sat on the deck talking about how we get our bodies back in a routine after a summer of being off from school.  The thing for him is, after going through such a severe chronic fatigue illness, is he's having a hard time deciding whether his tiredness when he wakes up is just normal "it's too early to be up" tiredness, or his chronic fatigue. 

After talking it through and telling him that I go through the same things, he knows it's just his body getting back into a rhythm.  I think that fear of his will wear off after a bit.  Once he gets back into the swing of things.....i know it will.  It will slowly fade away and his confidence in his well body will grow again.

He is so brave, and so positive, and so hopeful.  I have so much to learn from him. 

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