Wednesday, March 28, 2012

love and other things

oh my i have been gone for a long time.  life has been busy.  the weather was beautiful here last week and i couldn't get myself to sit down and type something.  it felt so good to be outside and in the sun.  also with my classes starting up again it's just been a little busy. 

my trip to see matt is coming up in just a short 3 days!  i cannot wait.  and as the end of the school year approaches, so has the many conversations we are having about my move out there.  it's all coming up quickly.  i hope i am ready!  it's exciting to think about starting a life with someone.  starting a home.  beginning a new routine with someone and learning a new place.  it's really exciting.  i cherish these conversations that we're having about how we want to make our home.  he is very adament about buying a new house, i on the other hand, would be happy in a little one bedroom apatrment, but i guess since we are both 30, and turning 31 this summer, we should get started on making a home together.  but the coziness and closeness of a little apartment appeals to me.  i fel like a house just give way to more clutter and more reason to have "stuff"

after i return home, i think i am going to start listing my large things for sale online....and the other things like kitchen stuff, shelves, and decorations, i guess i'll take to a consignment store to see if i can earn money for them.  moving across the country is expensive, so the less i have the less it'll be.  i am trying to get away with moving with just my clothes, maybe one box of chderished things, and the dogs.  we'll see how that goes.

i came across this photo on Pinterest and foudn that this is how i want my life and my home.  simple, free, loving, free from hatred, and happy. 

i hope everyone enjoys their wednesday....

peace and love to you!

<3 missy

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  1. That picture and words are perfect, I completely agree with them.