Wednesday, November 2, 2011

push on

i've been quiet in this space for some time now.  i haven't felt it in my heart to write anything much.  my feelings have felt a little too personal to share with everyone.  i am feeling stronger.  every day, just a little bit stronger.  i am finding time for myself and making some decisions based on me.  i am proud of myself.  at times i feel like i could break into a thousand little pieces, but i take a big deep breath, and swallow back tears sometimes, and i push along.  i truely believe in love.  big, deep, powerful love.  and it comes in many forms from many kinds of people. 

i revisited a blog tonight that i haven't been on in a while and i am so glad i did.  i found this and i wanted to post it here tonight.  i'll go to bed thinking this.  and i'll be ok. 
(courtesy of lydia)

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